The Commission On Justice And Peace

The Commission on Justice and Peace provides a forum for sharing information and concerns among those involved in ecumenical work on peace and social justice in Canada and the world. It facilitates biblical and theological reflection on peace and social justice and cooperation of the churches on related concerns.

The current focus of the Commission on Justice and Peace is on contributing to a theological dialogue on Faith and a Sustainable Economy. Elements of this program focus include theological reflection, a focus on poverty in Canada, human trafficking, and participating in the G8 G20 Interfaith Partnership.

In addition to the theological dialogue on faith and a sustainable economy, the Commission supports the work of related groups in the Council. These groups include Project Ploughshares, the Biotechnology Reference Group, the Canadian Ecumenical Anti-Racism Network, and the Human Trafficking in Canada Working Group.

Past programmatic foci of the Commission on Justice and Peace include strengthening public health care in Canada, HIV and AIDS, economic globalization, human rights, and just peacemaking.

The Canadian Council of Churches enjoys Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 1997.