The Acceptable Year of the Lord: Preaching the Old Testament with Faith, Finesse and Fervour

The Acceptable Year of the Lord: Preaching the Old Testament with Faith, Finesse and Fervour


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This book is for Christian preachers. It arises out of the conviction that the Old Testament is essential to the life of the church, to Christian faith and witness. This has been the general consensus throughout the history of the Christian church, though it has not always been unanimous. For early Christian preachers, the Old Testament was foundational to the proclamation of the Gospel. The same was true, of course, for the apostle Paul, the gospel writers and all those who shared their deep faith in Christ through the New Testament texts. The genealogies in Matthew and Luke, for example, are key to our faith in Jesus as Messiah, and are much more comprehensible with some knowledge of Old Testament faith and messianic prophecies. Jesus himself made frequent references to Old Testament figures and stories. In the church’s view, these scriptures provide vital truths about God, the nature of Messiahship, the Spirit, the world and the church itself. To limit the scriptures of the New Testament would be to miss much of God’s revelation.

This book is for busy Christian preachers and presents preaching insights into the meaning of the original Old Testament texts, the meaning they have in the Jewish tradition and their meaning for Christians today.

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