Technology and the Image of God: A Canadian Conversation

Technology and the Image of God: A Canadian Conversation


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This short collection of essays from representatives of several denominations is scholarly, accessible, and promises to inspire important and constructive debate and engagement with emerging technologies, biotechnologies and faith.

Based on Christian approaches to anthropology and human dignity, professors will find it useful as a resource in Christian theology courses such as: theology, ethics and bioethics; science, technology, biotechnology and theology; pastoral theology; spiritual care; introduction to (systematic) theology; the church in Canada; and creation theology.

Professors in religious studies will find this resource useful in undergraduate courses such as: science and religion; technology, biotechnology and religion; contemporary Christianity; applied theology; and nature, technology, and Christianity.

This is a resource that theology students will find very useful to pass on to their congregations.

Congregational leaders will find it helpful for study groups, homilies and educational purposes in light of current, rapid expansion of use of technologies affecting human development. What furthers human potential, seen from a Christian perspective, and what should be deemed harmful?

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