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Reconciliation – The Love of Christ Compels Us

(cf. 2 Corinthians 5:14-20)

This year, we’ve made a change in the way we offer Canadian Week of Prayer for Christian Unity materials. We want to share the reasons for this change with you, let you know how you can access Canadian resources for this ecumenical celebration, and ask for your comments and feedback.

For many years, we have offered Canadian Week of Prayer for Christian Unity materials as a set of printed resources that could be ordered by local communities and individuals. We have also shared an online version of these materials on our website.

Over the past few years, we have observed a shift in the use of Canadian Week of Prayer for Christian Unity resources. Most communities and individuals now prefer to download materials from our website, rather than order a printed kit. A small proportion still order printed resources. It seems this shift represents a permanent change.

This change entails some practical consequences for us. In the past, we have partially offset the costs of layout and printing through asking you for a small contribution for each printed Canadian Week of Prayer kit. Although these contributions did not cover our full production costs, they enabled us to offer printed kits for the use of Canadian communities. Unfortunately, the steady decline in orders for printed resources has made this practice economically unfeasible for us. Still, we remain committed to offering you user-friendly, accessible, and flexible Canadian resources for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.


2017 Online Canadian Resources

As always, all 2017 Canadian materials are available on this website for download

Please consider a donation of $20 to help us cover the cost of production for these resources, and to support the ongoing work of the CCC and our vision for Christian unity. Support ecumenism in Canada by donating today.

2017 Print Canadian Resources

You can also order certain print materials using this form, or by emailing

We know that these changes might pose challenges for some. If you or your community need printed resources for 2017, please contact Maria Simakova, Coordinator for the Commission on Faith and Witness. She will be happy to assist you with obtaining a printed version of all 2017 materials.

Please contact Maria Simakova if you have any questions!


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