Forum for Intercultural Leadership and Learning (FILL)


intercultural leadership development & ministry learning

Current Program Priorities (2018-21)

In locations across Canada we gather people to design, discern, train in, and experience transformational education, pedagogy, and facilitation. We offer intensive week long programs, shorter workshops, tools and resources, webinars, and other experiences to resource intercultural ministry, ministry across diversity, anti-oppression, anti-racism, and other ways to understand and address intersecting experiences of power, privilege, and resistance focusing on Canadian Church contexts.

We bring people together; support networking national, locally, and ecumenically; and provide opportunities and safe spaces for conversation, dialogue, and learning. We engage the margins and provide alternative models of leadership rooted in the experiential and contextual.

We are a Canadian centre for well-done theologies, research on, an sharing of resources for intercultural ministry and racial justice.
We work ecumenically, encourage collaboration between institutions such as theological colleges and learning centre and we are a resource to these institutions. We support regional ecumenical networks and racial or ethnic group caucuses.

While our work engages multiple axes of power and privilege, we have a particular focus on racial Justice. FILL houses the Canadian Ecumenical Anti-Racism Network (CEARN). The mandate of CEARN is to accompany churches and church organizations in Canada who are working toward racial justice, racial reconciliation, and peace, to transform themselves and their communities.

Recent Highlights and Resources from FILL

We house the Canadian Ecumenical Anti-Racism Network (CEARN)!

This network is an expression of Canadian churches working together to support anti-racism programs and educators who are working in member churches, sharing resources and learning among anti-racism educators, and supporting long-term change in Canadian churches and church organizations.
racial justice

Purpose of the Forum for Intercultural Leadership and Learning

A reference group of the Council, the Forum for Intercultural Leadership and Learning (FILL) is an ecumenical Christian partnership through which Canadian Churches work toward intercultural leadership development and ministry learning in Canada and globally. 

Through FILL, Canadian churches:

  • Come together for biblical and theological reflection on issues of contemporary intercultural mission and ministry;
  • Provide innovative educational resources and programs for intercultural learning, leadership development and ministry in Canada and globally, with special emphasis on cultural awareness and identity;
  • Participate in learning and dialogue with church members and wider communities of faith about a society that fully honours diversity and God’s unequivocal welcome; and
  • Network and support persons directly engaged in ministry across cultural and other differences.

Current Members of FILL (2021-24)

  • Niki Andre, Member at Large
  • Reuben Garang, Anglican Church of Canada
  • Dianne Hope, United Church of Canada
  • Binu Korah, Mar Thoma Church
  • Harry Lafond, Member at large
  • Mary Anne John, Mar Thoma Church
  • Néstor Medina, Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
  • Bill Millar, Member at large, coordinating group
  • Lloyd Nyarota, Member at Large
  • Carmen Ramirez, Member at large
  • Maureen Scott Kabwe, Member at large
  • Kathy Toivanen, Member at large
  • David Tin, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
  • Kim Uyede-kai, CEARN representative
  • Emo Yango, United Church of Canada

Members from The Canadian Council of Churches

  • Chung Yan 林頌恩 (JoAnne) Lam, Council Vice president
  • Maria Roman, Council Youth Governing Board member
  • Deivit Montealegre, Council staff
  • Nadia VanderKuip, Council staff
  • Jonathan Schmidt, Council staff
  • Peter Noteboom, Council General Secretary (ex officio)


  • David Allen, CCC Faith & Witness liaison 
  • Greg Sinclair, CCC Canadian Interfaith Reference Group liaison

Last updated: January 2022.

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