Since 1999, the Faith & Life Sciences Group (formerly the Biotechnology Reference Group) has organized a series of consultations on topics related to theology, ethics, and biotechnology. This constitutes an archive of records from those consultations.

2009Faith, Life, and Technology: Celebrating 10 Years of Biotechnology, Theology, and EthicsDecember 3-4 2009 (Toronto) Full report.
2007Global Consultation on Genetics and New Biotechnologies (Johannesburg)
Aide Memoire for the Global Consultation
Full Report from the Global Consultation
World Council of Churches Database of Presentations: Included here are the texts and/or Power Point presentations used by panelists at the Global Consultation on Genetics and New Biotechnologies
2006International Biotechnology Consultation (Toronto) Report on the International Biotechnology Consultation
2004Gene Patenting, Genetic Research, and the Bottom Line: Faith Perspectives on Biotechnology in the Service of Life (Toronto)
2003The Earth and All That Is In It (Montreal)
The Earth and All That Is In It
2001Searching for a Christian Response to Biotechnology (Edmonton)
Searching for a Christian Response
2000Gifts of the Earth Forum (Winnipeg) Gifts of the Earth Forum Report
2000Should Pigs Fly? Christian Perspectives on Biotechnology (Winnipeg) Church Networks Host Exploration of Bioethics
1999Biotechnology Consultation (Toronto) Biotechnology Consultation November 1999