Working and Reference Groups

Working Groups

Canadian Ecumenical Anti-Racism Network (CEARN)

Following the United Nations World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa in September 2001, the Canadian Ecumenical Anti-Racism Network (CEARN) was established in 2002.

This network is an expression of Canadian churches working together to support anti-racism programs and educators who are working in member churches, sharing resources and learning among anti-racism educators, and supporting long-term change in Canadian churches and church organizations.
The mandate of CEARN is to accompany churches and church organizations in Canada who are working toward racial justice, racial reconciliation, and peace, to transform themselves and their communities. The goals are:

  1. To build and strengthen a national ecumenical network of anti-racism educators and activists.
  2. To mutually support and hold one another accountable as we learn more about racism in the churches and church organizations in Canada, and become transformed churches.
  3. To develop and share resources being used and being developed

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Human Trafficking In Canada

In April 2008 during a strategic planning process The Commission on Justice and Peace identified human trafficking as a common interest among several member churches and established the Human Trafficking in Canada Working Group.

The group was established to facilitate learning, theological reflection and common action on the topic of human trafficking in Canada. We want all churches in Canada to be more aware of human trafficking in Canada, advocate together when appropriate, share and develop educational materials, and provide a forum for theological reflection on the topic.

More information on Human Trafficking

National Advisory Group on Emergency Planning (NAGEP)

In November 2001, The Canadian Council of Churches (CCC) Governing Board heard a presentation by the Chaplain General to the Canadian Armed Forces, reflecting on events related to September 11 2001, the Swiss Air crash off Peggy’s Cove and other recent disasters. The Governing Board passed a resolution asking the Commission on Faith and Witness (CFW) to consult with appropriate government offices to learn about existing pastoral care provisions within the mandates and protocols of the Emergency Measures Offices (EMOs). To this end, the CCC established in 2002 the National Advisory Group on Emergency Planning (NAGEP), now a standing committee of the CFW. Inquiries began with the Chaplain General’s office, and conversations with Federal Government officials soon made it apparent that work would best be initiated with Provincial EMOs. A Regional Advisory Group on Emergency Planning (NS-AGEP) has been established in Nova Scotia and contact with other provinces is underway.
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Reference Groups

The Biotechnology Reference Group

The Biotechnology Reference Group (BRG) was established by the Governing Board of The Canadian Council of Churches in 1999 as a reference group, a clearinghouse for the gathering and exchange of information on biotechnology. Both the Commission on Faith and Witness and the Commission on Justice and Peace are represented on the Biotechnology Reference Group and see the work of the Biotechnology Reference Group work as their own.
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The Christian Interfaith Reference Group

The Mandate of the Interfaith Reference Group involves both ecumenical engagement about religious diversity and continued ecumenical engagement with different religions. The foundational work will be in-house engagement with the participation of the member churches focusing on interfaith matter. The group may make contact with different religions, build relationships, and build foundations for addressing common concerns. The programmatic focus of the group is information sharing, education, theological reflection, and building relationships.
More information on The Christian Interfaith Reference Group

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