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2017 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Canadian resources will be available on October 1, 2016.



Called to proclaim the mighty acts of God
(1 Peter 2:9)      

Download the complete 2016 WPCU starter kit

Thank you for your interest in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, an annual ecumenical celebration traditionally held from January 18 to 25. By coming together during this week, we join with the people around the world to pray for Christian unity – in worship, reflection, study, and fellowship. Learn more about the vision and history of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

This year, we rejoice in the opportunity to pray with the Christians of Latvia. They call us to reflect on the mighty acts of God in our lives, and to find ways in which we can witness to these acts by working together for the unity of Christ’s Church.

You can use the resources on this website not only during the Week of Prayer itself, but throughout the year. Let them help you express the degree of communion already given to the churches, and to pray together that we may be more fully united in the one Christ.

Get helpful tips on how to organize an ecumenical Week of Prayer for Christian Unity celebration in your area.

Resource Kit

Download the entire 2016 WPCU starter kit, including posters, bulletins, a formatted order of service, and more.

Order print copies of 2016 WPCU materials using this form or by contacting Maria Simakova.

See the web versions of 2016 print resources, download individual materials, and explore additional online content, by using the navigation bar on the right hand side of this page.

Your donation of $10 for each downloaded resource will cover the cost of production and support the ongoing work of the CCC and our vision for Christian unity. Support ecumenism in Canada by donating today.

Share your 2016 Week of Prayer celebration with us

This year, the Canadian Council of Churches is gathering information about local Week of Prayer services across the country to include in an online database [link to come].

If you would like your celebration to be listed, and to be promoted via CCC social media, please share the details with us.

Let us know your thoughts on 2016 WPCU resources, and tell us what we can do to improve the materials. Fill out our WPCU feedback form.

The Canadian Writing Team

Each year, an international joint committee of the World Council of Churches and the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity prepares ecumenical resources for the Week of Prayer, including a theme and a focus Scripture text. National and regional councils of churches adapt these materials for use in their local context

For over 40 years, the Canadian Council of Churches’ Commission on Faith and Witness has assembled an ecumenical writing team to prepare Canadian Week of Prayer resources, including French translations and original materials. This Writing Team, made up of members from constituent churches of the CCC, meets in February and April to produce resources for the following year. Read this year’s letter from the Canadian Writing Team.

We are delighted to do this work in cooperation with our ecumenical partners, the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism and the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism.

For more information,  please email Maria Simakova,  Coordinator for the Commission on Faith and Witness.

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